Tuesdays Techie Brekkie - Term1, 2019

Let's learn together while we enjoy the breakfast and fellowship . Please pencil the date and time in !Starting with breakfast at 7:45 AM following by the session.

Effective use of Google Classroom with Chromebook

Tip 1:

Getting to Know Google Classroom - Creating a Course and Adding Students



Tip 2:

Getting to Know Google Classroom 2 - Posting Assignments to Google Classroom




Tip 3

Getting to Know Google Classroom 3: Posting to the Stream & Creating Questions



Tip 4

Getting to Know Google Classroom 4- Create a Collaborative Assignment



Tip 5

Getting to Know Google Classroom 5 – Make Assignment Copies for Each Student



By  Shawn Beard

Creating digital portfolios, showcasing students work as evidence , and running a classroom page with New Google Sites


Video clip 1 >>



Video clip 2 >>

Adding buttons to a page




By Shawn Beard


Engaging students through Google Slides


Preparing  eye-catch document using Google docs and Note taking app called Google Keep

-Collaboratively work with the students in a group environment

-Real time editing

- Communicate with collaborators effectively

-Convert the documents into various formats.

-Save printing cost and protect the environment


HARNESS THE POWER OF GOOGLE SEARCH  with latest AI(artificial intelligence built in) search engine By Nathan




Organise files and folders in  our personal  Google Drive  By Steve Ey







Own adventure form for helping children to strengthen the foundation By Nathan




Slides >> https://goo.gl/6Ni9yV




Password protected Quizz>>  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgXCk9hW2gM

Creating and using  interactive  Google forms for teaching in the classroom (formative assessment, feedback  ) - Session 1 ,Term 2 on the 16th of May 18

Using forms in a classroom environment – engaging students, collecting data and analysing the data - Session 2 ,Term 2 on the 23rd  of May 2018

Term 1 April Holiday - Self learning Tutorial

Streamline your inbox- using multiple inbox, labels and filters to organise  and prioratise your inbox , intergrated search you can find anything in G suite, undo sent button to fix your mistakes and add event function to update your personal calendar directly from Gmail.


14.02.2017  Teacher collaboration with Google Team drives (Part 1) - Brett Mills



21.02.2017 Teacher collaboration with Google Team drives Team drives (Part 2) -Brett Mills



28.02.2017  New Google Sites in classrooms/ Department  (Part 1) -Jessica Macri


7.03.2017 New Google Sites in classrooms/ Department  ( Part 2) -Nathan

more information  >> Google Sites


14.03.2017 useful Chrome extensions

more information  Helen and Steve  >> extensions



21.03.2017  Useful Chrome Extensions

( Nathan )   more information >> extensions



28.03.2017 Using YouTube in classrooms  ( Brett Mills & Nathan)

 How to use Google Team Drive in School ?  ( Resource for 14/02/2018  and 21/02/2018 sessions )

 How to use NEW GOOGLE SITES in Classrooms ? ( Resource for 28/02 and 07/03 sessions )

Nathan Sooriyakuamar

ICT Coordinator,

IT, Tyndale Christian School, NSW


Last update 20/Jan 2018

Measuring the impact of Technology in the classroom

By Linda Darling-Hammond, President and CEO of the Learning Policy Institute and Charles E. Ducommun Professor of Education Emeritus at Stanford University  ( delivered at the Google on Air Education conference 2016)