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When people are in need, what they really want is to be heard and to be helped. When we receive a request via the help-desk, email or a call for IT support. We see this as an opportunity given by God to make a genuine connection to the staff or student in need. With the goal of helping people behind the scene and to bring back a smile to their face. Wouldn't that be great, to realise that we are working behind the scene to extend students learning capabilities beyond boundaries. It is all about using our gifts in Information Technology under the Lord and glorifying God each day.

Converging Technology not only provides the infrastructure for teaching, learning and administration, but also audio-visual communication and security. It is an opportunity to work collaboratively with various departments and the Tyndale School Community.


1.) Staff professional development (Techie Brekkie Tuesday Mornings)

Throughout the course of the year, the IT Department has worked closely with sectional coordinators, curriculum and KLA coordinators to identify learning goals and show them how to use Google Apps For Education suite to achieve these goals. This happens on a weekly basis, Thursday mornings before staff devotions with breakfast provided. This experience develops staff relationships and helps the IT department address their needs.


2.) Interest group- Giving a room for creativity

The IT Interest group is involved with helping students gain knowledge on digital marketing. Every week, we conduct ninety minute sessions help inspire, mentor and guide the students to show their creativity. They develop entrepreneurship skills and develop an online understanding of the social media platform.


3.) IT Infrastructure and management and Future Planning

The upgrade to our network infrastructure has facilitated the current and predicted future needs of the school. In order to achieve this, we upgraded the fibre backbone in the west wing. We implemented network management tool which not only monitors the system, but also triggers alarms when the core services are down so we can pro-actively address those issues. We identified and installed CCTV cameras in strategic points across the school as a measure of added security. We have collaboratively working with School management, Curriculum coordinators and contractors to make sure necessary ICT infrastructure is in place for the future learning areas.


4.) ICT Integration

We launched a web interface for students and teachers to access the resources remotely through a central place which is accessible from home. This means that learning experiences are no longer confined to classroom walls.


5.) Efficient IT Service Management

We provide pro-active IT support to staff, student and Tyndale community. We provide support via ticketing system, phone call and email. IT department provide onsite, phone and remote screen sharing sessions.


5.) Pro-active IT support

To provide pro-active IT support efficiently, we extended the capability of the existing helpdesk ticketing service to include not only IT support, but also Maintenance and Database departments so that the communication from users to specialist is more centralised. The ticketing system assisted us perform the evaluation and identify trends to prevent further issues.


The IT support department has helped the staff and students of Tyndale in four ways:


1.) On site visit.

2.) Remote support via TeamViewer, which is screen-sharing software.

3.) Phone support extension 600

4.) Email support.


We in IT Support have strived to handle projects professionally, with clearly defined scope, delivery timeline and clearly defined miles stones. The IT support team through weekly scrum meetings has enabled our project management methodology to be agile and effective in managing tasks.


One of our Monthly Fellowship lunch meetings


Nathan Sooriyakumar

Andrew Pearce

Ryan Bradshaw

John Hie ( absent)