Chromebook use in Education


What is a Google Chromebook  ?


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What are the advantages of Chromebook?


There are several perks of using a computer that runs Chrome OS. Having a light operating system means that updates are quick to install, and the computer boots up in seconds. It also means that the computer is secure from viruses and other forms of malware. When using Chromebooks, it’s easy to share devices as you sync with your Google account and all your information comes with you. This means teachers don’t need to worry about software being installed on the computer, or which Chromebook a student is using.

Introduction to Chromebook ( extracted from Google device training manual)


How to use a Chromebook guided tour (for the users who are new to Chromebook )-short video clip  ?


Where to find Chrome Apps and Extension ? Chrome Web Store


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Where to find  Chrome App hyperlink>>


Getting started with your Chromebooks ( from Google Education Centre)


More Chromebook help



You can get Certified !

I would encourage the teachers to enroll for the Google Education Training Centre at free of charge for course materials.